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About Deux-Montagnes Santa Claus Parade

Parade DM Dec 6 2015 159.jpg

In a few words...

  • 800 costumed participants

  • 20,000 spectators

  • The greatests marching bands of Québec

  • A unique participation of community groups

  • A near 1 km parade

  • Named best community event in Canada in 2007 for a city with less than 40,000 residents. 49 years, without interruption, with the real Santa Claus

A must see event for more than 50 years

The Deux-Montagnes Santa Claus Parade is an unique phenomenon in the province of Quebec. Whether by its longevity, record number of participants or spectacular beauty, this community event distinquishes itself from all the other festivities offered to the public near the Holiday season.

In 1969, the Eaton department on St.Catherine Street in Montreal ceased the presentation of its traditional Santa Clause parade depriving thousands of children of a spectacle impossible to replace according to many. However, the word impossible was not in the vocabulary of the Deux-Montagnes volunteers. They took on an extraordinary challenge to give back the magic of Christmas to all the children.

The first community parade was held in December 1970. Thanks to a few volunteers, among them volunteer fire fighters and other residents, a few of whom are still to this day collaborating in the 51st parade that will be held on Sunday December 5th.

For the resident families it will be a magnificent free spectacle for all the children young and not so young. For the regional community organizations it will be a showcase that highlights sporting, cultural, charitable and religious activities.

In Deux Montagnes, Santa-mania touches everybody. Nothing else comparable can bring together children, teenagers, parents and grandparents, French or English, in the same procession. In its tradition, the 51st parade cements the harmony of the community.

When all is done the community and the volunteers will roll up their sleeves to start preparing for the next edition that will be sure to be as beautiful and again assemble a lot of people.

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