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Take part of the Parade

You want to be part in the greatest community Parade of Québec! It's with every single one of our participants that we keep the magic in smaller and bigger kids.
We invite you, right now, to join us in making this Parade a success. You can build your own float with anything recycled, with animation. You can represent your school or organization. You can also march in the parade dressed in your clubs' outfits with your banners.
Parade 2018 (163).jpg

Walkers and Circus

It is possible for you to join us as a walking group, you can walk 1.4km with your group and your banners, preferably disguised.

Parade 2018 (163).jpg

Music bands and signers

You can parade as music troop by walking or we can put your organisation on a commercial float. First to come, first to go! These floats can take 20 persons approximately.

Parade 2018 (163).jpg

With a vehicle

Your association or organisation is invited in the parade with your president, friends and others as well as your banners in car or small van.

Parade 2018 (163).jpg

With your float

Your own decorated trailer or float, with your banners

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