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Fundraiser 2019

An event for the kids of the region,

by the community

Deux-Montagnes' Santa Claus Parade is a non-profit event. 

If the parade is such a success year after year, rain or shine, it is because of the involvement of the whole community. Whether it is of the participation of the community groups, the financial help of local business and officials sponsorships or the citizen donations in the many fundraising activities, the parade always wear a local signature.

A unique float for a unique parade

Get involved in the success of the 50th Santa Claus Parade of Deux-Montagnes.

By making a donation to our crowdfunding campaign, you are making a difference in the realization of this majestic event. 

As an example, your donations will help us build the CITIZEN'S FLOAT, a mobile stage, pushed by costumed walkers, transporting a gigantic sculpture of the number 50 made out ouf hundreds of used artificial Christmas trees twigs.


Our gift to your generosity

The Santa Tasse

As a thank you gift to those who will make a donation, we're proud to present the SANTA TASSE!

The following shops and offices will gratefully take your 10$ donations to the parade and give you your mug in exchange:

  • Constantin Service : 607 Chemin d'Oka, Deux-Montagnes

  • Denis Naud Denturologiste : 1605 Chemin d'Oka, Deux-Montagnes

  • Maison Simplicité : 1607 Chemin d'Oka, Deux-Montagnes

  • Super Burger : 1910 Chemin d'Oka, Deux-Montagnes

For every donation of 10$ or more to our campaign on GoFundMe, you can claim your Santa Tasse at the offices of Denis Naud Denturologiste at1605 chemin d'Oka, Deux-Montagnes.

Contact us if you want to become an official distributor of the Santa Tasse.

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